We had a group meeting on February 9th to discuss our blog!


  • Had a hard time deciding on URL; finally decided on a fairly dry URL (mwc1950s)

Pages we want:

  • What courses were available
  • Popular courses.
  • “Machine classes” & technology in the classroom.
  • Popular majors
  • Changes in majors—what majors have been integrated into others or separated from others, what majors exist now vs. then (Home Ec) how those relate to older majors (ex: Dramatic Arts & Speech major’s relationship to Theater major now).
  • Interdisciplinary major that’s basically American Studies.
  • Types of classes
  • Lectures
  • Machine classes/technology classrooms
  • Arts, crafts, “feminine arts” (ie. Home Ec)
  • Talk about the most significant departments and their importance.
  • Odd regulations at the university


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